Tivoli Season Tickets

The Tivoli Season Ticket spans a 12 month period providing plenty of flexibility for your Tivoli nights! The 12 month period is activated only when you attend your first gig.
The three options below can be purchased right now:

Option 1 – 12 gigs: 
£150 (+ £15 booking fee) for 12 gigs over 12 months – BUY NOW

Option 2 – all gigs:
£300 (+ £30 booking fee) season ticket – access to ALL gigs for 12 months – BUY NOW

Option 3 – TWO tickets, all gigs:
£550 (+ £55 booking fee) x2 tickets (shared home partners only) – access to ALL gigs for 12 months – BUY NOW

Monthly payment instalment options are available but you will need to contact us by email on info@tivolivenue.com and we will make arrangements.

If, for whatever reason, we are forced to close again (as we did during lockdown), an extension will be automatically added. 

If you have any other queries, please email us on info@tivolivenue.com.
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