Introduction to The Tivoli Venue

tivoli_photos_overtheyearsThe Tivoli is located in the small town of Buckley in North East Wales. With a history as a theatre and cinema since the 1920’s, the venue has undergone a number of transformations since its beginnings.

This much-loved live music venue has a unique and underground atmosphere – as opposed to that of a modern (and somewhat soulless) concrete arena. It is actually two venues in one – an intimate 500 capacity room and a larger 1000 capacity hall – and our focus is to bring the best bands from the past and new bands for the future to the area to play a music-loving region of the country that often gets overlooked by promoters of large tours.

During the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s the venue had a tremendous run of bands through its doors and it was often cited as one of the best places to play on any tour. Indeed, stories from the people who worked here at the time have inspired us to once again achieve this goal after a fifteen year spell as a more mainstream nightclub. 2010 was a great leap in the right direction and the club is currently enjoying a bouyant resurgence on the live music scene.

You will always receive a warm welcome at the Tivoli Venue, and we encourage you to come along, relax, add to the fantastic atmosphere and enjoy a great night of close-up live music.

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