• Date: November 08, 2024
  • Time: 19:00
  • Venue: Tivoli Venue
  • Location Buckley, Flintshire CH7 2EF

Mods & Rockers – The Chords UK / Eddie & the HotRods – Friday 8th November 2024

Chords UK

In 1978 The Chords emerged as one of a handful of successful Mod revival bands in the UK, they had several hits before breaking up in 1981.  

In 2013 original The Chords guitarist / songwriter Chris Pope formed Chords UK along with drummer Kenny Cooper , guitarist Sandy Mitchie and bassist Mic Stoner they set out to perform The Chords classic tunes whilst  writing and recording new material . Their first release 2015’s ‘Get Famous’ Ep’ went straight into the official TOP 40 singles chart. Followed closely by their debut album ‘Take on Life (2016). 2018 saw them release the critically acclaimed ‘Nowhere Land’ and last years ‘Big City Dreams’ LP saw them take it on tour in the USA, Europe, and the UK. 

Chris Pope has been described by Paul Weller as “ the best songwriter of his generation” whilst Chords UK remain one of the best Mod revival bands in the UK . 

Eddie and the Hot Rods are one of the most highly influential and recognisable names from the English Rock scene,   enjoying  a career that has now spanned four decades they continue to entertain audiences across the globe. In 1977 the band released a track called ‘Do Anything You Wanna Do’ which seemed to chime with the prevailing wind at the time and so spent the whole Summer in the charts reaching Number 9 before Island Records withdrew the single after sales of 475,000 copies. The energy and attitude that made Eddie & The Hot Rods one of the most exciting bands of the era, crossing genres of R’n’B, Rock and Blues has never changed.

In 2023 the band released their 8thstudio album titled ‘Guardians Of The Legacy’ it has already spawned a number one  hit in the Legacy music chart.

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