• Date: October 18, 2019
  • Time: 19:00
  • Venue: Tivoli Venue
  • Location Buckley, Flintshire CH7 2EF

Keep it CASH (Johnny Cash tribute) – Friday 18th October 2019

The tribute band that keeps the sound of Johnny Cash alive

The most accurate sounding tribute show to Johnny CASH on the planet … That is what they say about Keep it Cash. The band is a labour of love and a product of many years of hard work and dedication. Expect a note perfect musical journey from the humble gospel beginnings of the Tennessee two, right through to the final and emotional American Recordings.

Unique selling point 
Keep it Cash proudly centre their tribute show around the uncanny natural sound-alike quality of Dave Burnham’s voice. They began rehearsing back in 2001, playing their first gigs around 2002 in pubs and small venues. Keep it Cash have now performed hundreds of sold out shows to thousands of people in many countries across the world including: France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Australia, Germany, America, Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales. This band is recognised as the No.1 sound-alike to Johnny Cash and has been booked by 20th Century Fox, Sony and the BBC.

Professional  Endorsement
Keep it Cash were choosen to perform by 20th Century Fox in London, as the sound of Johnny Cash at the launch of the film ‘Walk the Line’. Dave Burnham has been recorded for both television and radio as a sound-a-like of Johnny Cash.  His voice starred in the 2010 British Telecom television commercial ‘Everywhere’ and was recorded by Sony Studios in Belfast.

“This is not just a polished theatre tribute show… its like a full on Johnny Cash concert”   Brighton Free Press

“In the depth of Dave Burnhams natural baritone voice, Johnny Cash lives on in one of his greatest admirers”  Mojo 2008

Keep it Cash Potted History
Keep it Cash formed in 2001  and started playing for fun in pubs and clubs, in 2002, they performed more than 70 shows. The band started selling out these smaller gigs and consequently offers to perform at bigger more established venues came in. In 2005, Keep it Cash were contracted to play at the launch of the film ‘Walk the Line’ providing the live sound track on the day. This publicity had a further positive impact on the band and again pushed the show forwards into accessing bigger venues.

The Show
The show has been drawn together from the collective experience of the live Johnny Cash concerts attended by the Band. Dave Burnham knows how to perform Cash hits, he has attended 12 live Johnny Cash concerts, from Wembley Arena to Butlin’s. Currently the show takes the listener through from the humble gospel beginnings of the Tennessee two, right to the emotional and final American Recordings.  Keep It Cash fully capture the energy and spirit of the music in a professionally arranged multi-instrumental stage show.

Keep it Cash is a labour of love and the product of a life time of listening and dedicated practice.   The band have toured extensively and their performances are built upon a foundation of vast experience, gathered through playing hundreds of shows at some of the biggest venues on the circuit.

Take the CASH tribute test … There are many other Johnny Cash tributes out there, but just come along to the Tiv for a listen and compare the sound for yourself.

Plus support on the night comes from RTM.

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