• Date: March 16, 2018
  • Time: 19:00
  • Venue: Tivoli Venue
  • Location Buckley, Flintshire CH7 2EF

BulletBoys + Enuff Z’nuff + Venrez – Friday 16th March 2018

A night of pure American Rock comes to the Tivoli Venue!!


The BulletBoys began as a collection of talented musicians from high profile bands such as King Kobra and Ratt. Using their credentials, they were able to quickly capture the attention of music fans around the world while front man Marq Torien emerged as one of the most underrated vocalists of the era.

The BulletBoys formed in 1988 at the very peak of the Los Angeles glam metal movement. With record companies constantly searching for new talent, they possessed a pedigree that most bands would kill for. Unlike the other glam rockers of the day, the BulletBoys were more hard rock and blues fusion than pure hair metal. Thanks to comparisons to the likes of Aerosmith and especially Van Halen, talent scouts came running and the band quickly received their first major label contract.

Over the years, they have dominated both MTV and radio airwaves, and remain relevant to this day in heavy rotation on VH1’s “Metal Mania” and Internet radio throughout the world!

The BulletBoys have a rich back catalogue of renowned albums;  BulletBoysFreakshow, Za-Za, Future & Rock The Bayou, 10c Billionaire, Elefante’

Enuff Z’nuff

Enuff Z’nuff is the living, breathing example of what a rock/ pop group should be. In fact, the band is the very chrome-glinted definition of it. It was the summer of 1989, and in came a strutting, loud and proud Enuff Z’nuff. With the release of the band’s self-titled debut album, the first single “New Thing” quickly tore up the radios airwaves, and became a favorite in heavy rotation on MTV.

In response to both its national and international success, the band followed up “New Thing” in 1990 with the release of the bittersweet rock ballad “Fly High Michelle”. The song immediately elevated the band to gold status and in 1991 had Rolling Stone magazine naming Enuff Z’nuff as “one of the more exciting and gifted bands on the scene today.”

Still a major force after 20 albums, Enuff Z’nuff has gone on to earn a legion of loyal fans, and has earned the respect and acclaim of its peers and contemporaries.

Industry heavyweights have been singing the praises of the band for years:

Howard Stern: “Enuff Z’nuff deserve rockstar status.”

Paul Stanley: “Their debut album is a classic.”

David Letterman: “When it comes to rock n’ roll, these guys are all you need.”

Little Steven Van Zandt: “Enuff Z’nuff is one of the most underrated bands in the world.”

With every album and live performance packed to the brim with rock/pop perfection, there are no signs of the band slowing down. You can catch the band on tour through 2017 in support of its soon to be released album Clowns Lounge.


“The band formed while helping me with some work on my house,” explains Venrez – the singer of Los Angeles rockers Venrez. “Several of the guys working, including Jason Womack, were musicians and the building sessions quickly turned to jams, then the formation of the band.” Fans of modern day rock music should be familiar with the musicians who back Ven in Venrez – both guitarist Womack and drummer Ed Davis played with Juliette Lewis and the Licks, while guitarist Alex Kane is a former member of both Life Sex and Death (LSD) and Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg. Bassist Michael Bradford (a childhood friend of Womack’s) rounds out the group. As evidenced by the group’s debut full-length, ‘Sell the Lie,’ it didn’t take long for the group’s chemistry to kick into gear, as the album’s sound/approach brings to mind the classic rock of the 1970’s and the grunge movement of the 1990’s – both genres that stressed the importance of keeping studio recordings live-sounding and not over-produced.

Venrez has opened shows for shock rock legend Alice Cooper, and has dates lined up with ex-Guns N’ Roses guitarist, Slash. “Venrez live is a very special rock show,” explains the singer. “All the members are amazing players and showmen. We go on feel a lot, and every live show is slightly different than the other – much like a Rolling Stones or Aerosmith concert. It’s big, in your face, captivating, and sexy as f*@k!”

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